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Introducing BtClip, a "micro" Barcode Scanner / Datacollector.  Acquired data can be transmitted in real time, one by one, or stored in the built in memory and downloaded later in batch mode.

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The long life Li-Poly battery allow a long operating time and may be charged very fastly by the micro-usb cable. While the standby timeout can be set to optimize the power management according to the user application. All settings could be transmitted by Bluetooth (by the BtClip Manager utility) or just by scanning the related barcode in the manual.



BtClip have several interesting features if compared to other similar existing devices, such as "ultra small size" (1,7 x 3,4 x 6,9 Cm.), if not the smallest (might be) surely is one among the 2 or 3 smallest on the market. May scan, very fast, of 2D and Linear barcodes, in "omni directional" mode (360 degrees rotation) doesn't matter how you point. May be used in real time mode like a standard "cordless" scanner, using Keyboard wedge mode, or SPP mode (Serial Port Profile), to be 100% compatible with any existing management software.  Using the Inventory mode, BtClip may store all data, the records may be formatted as Barcode only or Barcode+Quantity (very usefull) and later saved in a text file. May work OFF Line or ON Line connected by Bluetooth to PC, Tablet, Smartphones, having a full bi-directional communication and being totally driven by a whide set of software commands, for the developers happiness!



The right choice for E-Ticketing


Perfect for Healthcare applications



"Ultra small size" (1,7 x 3,4 x 6,9 Cm.)




High performance 2D / 1D  scan engine

BtClip use a superior performances 2D barcode scan engine, armed with patented uIMG , a computerized image recognition system that brings about a new era of 2D barcode scan engines. The 2D barcode decoder chip ingeniously blends uIMG technology and advanced chip design & manufacturing, which significantly delivers superior performance and solid reliability with low power consumption. The BtClip supports all mainstream 1D barcode as well as 2D, PDF417, QR Code (QR1, QR2, Micro QR), Data Matrix and GS1-DataBarTM(RSS) (RSS-Limited, RSS-14, RSS-14 Stacked and RSS-Expand). BtClip can read barcodes on virtually any medium paper, plastic card, mobile phones and LCD displays. It provides an ideal solution for both emerging mobile phone-based barcode applications, like coupons, e-tickets and boarding passes, and traditional applications.


Smartphone and Tablet companion





Wearable Data collection companion


While In Inventory mode, the "BtClip Command Card" may be used (credit card format) this will help to Insert quantity, delete records, transmit data, clear memory, and various other helpful commands. This useful card, may be also read on a Smartphone or Tablet display, because BtClip is capable to scan barcode direcly on them. The command card can insert data (up to 5 digits) in the 2nd field, so the output file may have "Barcode+Quantity", or you may consider the additional field to store opcodes or other informations.

Such versatile device may be used on so many applications just limited by the fantasy... Retail, Deliveries, Warehouse, Inventory, Stock control, Logistic, Mobile sales, Events, Fairs, Conventions, Access control, Ticketing, Healthcare... and so many many more...

A huge software collection come already included


This is the developers pleasure ! BtClip may be very easily driven from an Application, by a full set of commands. Develeopers may drive the buzzer, enable/disable the scanner, start a scan session, connect, disconnect, download and clear memory, power off, verify the status and many more... BtClip may be completely software controlled..

Coloured sleeves



Several coloured accessories for your BtClip



Manufacturing and distributing   "State of the Art"  Data collectors...



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